,Are you considering making your own wine? There are so many benefits to making your own wine, and at Correales, we believe wine making is not only fun, but affordable, and of course delicious! Check out our top benefits of making your own wine below!

The benefits of UBrew wine making:

It’s Convenient!

At Correales Wine Cellar, we strive to make your wine making experience seamless! With our fully automated machines, making your own wine is easy. We also offer all of the necessary supplies and bottles that you can personalize yourself.

High Quality Wine at an Affordable Price

UBrew wine is much cheaper than buying bottles at a liquor store. We have all of the equipment to get you started, so you can focus on having fun! Also, there is no taxes!  As making wine here you are purchasing it as juice, a grocery store item, and it’s not alcohol until the yeast has been pitched.

You’ll Get to Experiment With New Flavours!

At Correales we offer a diverse amount of wine flavours for your wine making.  Whether you prefer red or white wine, we have a wine that will suit your palette! Explore all of our wine varieties (including many exclusive to the Okanagan!)  using the link here.

It’s Eco-friendly

Making your own wine is a great way to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Instead of throwing away or recycling your wine bottles, you can reuse them to bottle your next batch! 

You Get to Drink it!

We couldn’t forget about this benefit! Reap all the benefits of making your own wine by enjoying a glass (or two) with your friends and family!

Do you have any questions regarding making your own wine? We’d love to hear from you! Contact us by using the form here or by visiting us at our Vernon downtown location!